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SBOX solves the security and data privacy compliance challenges found in traditional SaaS/Cloud solutions. With SBOX you get all the key test execution functionality you need, while retaining your application testing infrastructure and data within your corporate network.

Mitigate Risks

Security, Data Privacy & Compliance

SBOX runs inside your network infrastructure fulfilling high security and data privacy compliance requirements (GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA) and improving the accuracy of test results.

  • SBOX runs inside your corporate network, behind your firewall

  • No data leaves your network

  • No VPN, tunnels or external accesses required

  • No limitations on test data you use, since you maintain full control of it

"Working with Element34 and the SBOX platform helps us perform a host of critical tests in parallel and at scale. We are also fully complying with corporate security and policies. Our test team is in full control and can easily maneuver through test runs!"

Sara Tabor - Bluecore

“We found that we can run our tests 5-6 times faster, with an upward trend. In the past, software updates would take up to 3-4 days of automated testing effort. With SBOX we can plan and carry out updates within 1 working day, sometimes even within just 2 hours.”

Transporeon -

Reduce Time, Effort and Costs

Speed & Scale

Being able to run tests inside your network removes latency and accelerates the execution of high volume test runs, significantly improving test performance, stability, and scalability.

  • Run tests 5x to 10x faster compared to traditional SaaS/cloud solutions

  • Scale your system to run thousands of tests in parallel

  • Eliminate latency issues causing slow-running tests

  • Say goodbye to flaky and unstable tests

  • Deliver your software releases quicker

Fit your Systems and Processes

Integration & Enterprise Fit

Being able to integrate with your existing systems and processes ensures you can leverage everything you already have. The cherry on top? We take care of all the maintenance for you, automatically.

  • Integrates seamlessly with existing CI/CD systems

  • Supports various identity management systems and SSO

  • Supports standard Selenium, Appium and Playwright protocols to run tests from any source

  • Tightly integrates with your enterprise workflows and infrastructure

“With SeleniumBox we now have our testing infrastructure in a multi-cloud setup inside our corporate network, and we also integrated it with our access management systems for our advanced security requirements”


Enterprise Features for Serious Testing

SBOX offers the most sophisticated application testing grid that runs inside your corporate network, ideal for companies that are serious about taking test automation to a whole new level.

Ready to experience a more secure web & mobile testing?

SeleniumBox (SBOX) is the most secure test automation grid in the market. That’s why top global financial institutions, government organizations, automotive manufacturers, and top technology companies choose SBOX over traditional SaaS testing solutions.

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