A Whole New Level of
Enterprise Grade Testing

SBOX offers the most sophisticated application testing infrastructure
in the market for companies that are concerned about their test
security, compliance, performance, and cost.

Comprehensive Testing

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CI / Continuous Testing

Built to be used in a CI / CD environment, SBOX is at the heart of your Cl pipeline. Run as many tests in parallel as you want. Seamlessly integrate with any Cl system.

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Manual Testing

Start browsers and mobile devices for manual testing. Recreate bugs easily and have access to browsers that are not installed on your local machine.

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Live view & debugging

Set a breakpoint in your code and debug your test in real-time. SBOX provides superior debugging and live testing capabilities.

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Local Testing

Test your application directly on your developer machine. No tunnels are required because SBOX is already running inside your network.

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Browser interaction

Manually interact with browsers while your tests are running. SBOX supports manual access to all browsers.

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Browser developer tools

Use the built-in developer tools of the browsers. Deep dive into your test while running the developer tools to pinpoint those complex issues.

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Take videos of your tests for better analysis and more transparency of your test runs.

Ready to experience a more secure web & mobile testing?

SeleniumBox (SBOX) is the most secure test automation grid in the market. That’s why top global financial institutions, government organizations, automotive manufacturers, and top technology companies choose SBOX over traditional SaaS testing solutions.

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