About Element34

We are the leading provider of managed Enterprise Testing Cloud deployed behind the corporate firewall. Founded by the top experts on Selenium, our flagship solution, SBOX, is designed for enterprises with high security, scalability, and performance needs.

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Why we started

Element34 was founded in 2015 by Michael Palotas, top expert in the design, development and open sourcing of Selenium Grid, Selendroid and ios-driver, and François Reynaud, one of the pioneers in web and mobile test automation and the mastermind behind SBOX.

As we began working with organizations handling highly sensitive data, legislation for data privacy was emerging globally (GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, etc.) . We saw the growing pressure for these companies to comply with these regulations. They needed to strengthen their data security to protect data from leaving the corporate firewall and prevent third-party access into their infrastructure - issues that arise when using existing SaaS testing solutions.

In response to the critical need for a more secure and compliant testing solution, we created SBOX. Unlike traditional SaaS solutions, SBOX's behind-the-firewall deployment prevents any connection outside of customers' firewalls - thus eliminating data privacy compliance issues. SBOX also offers better accuracy in test results, as well as improved scalability and cost efficiency compared to conventional SaaS testing methods.

Element34 has grown to empower and support a global customer base with a focus on large enterprises with high security and data compliance requirements - such as insurance, banking, government and healthcare organizations.

What drives us

We are committed to achieving excellence and delivering nothing less than extraordinary results. These core values drive us forward.

Focus on technical expertise

Focus on technical expertise

We take pride in being the experts in our field and we continuously add new enterprise features to ensure our product is leading the market.

Dedication to our customers

Dedication to our customers

We have a customer-first approach. We continue to develop SBOX with the customers' needs in mind.

Being the best at what we do

Being the best at what we do

SBOX is our only product from the start. This is what we do. We will always be committed to providing a safer, faster, and more scalable automated application testing solution.

Get peace of mind.

SBOX is the safer, more secure automated testing solution in the market. That's why top global financial institutions, automotive manufacturers, and technology companies choose SBOX over traditional SaaS solutions.

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