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SBOX is the world's most advanced behind-the-firewall enterprise testing grid. Supporting testing frameworks such as Selenium, Appium and Playwright, SBOX is easy to deploy, and is designed to keep your data secure right within the infrastructure of your choice.

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High infrastructure security

SBOX runs 100% inside your firewall which means no data goes out and no external access is required. This makes SBOX a more secure testing platform than SaaS alternatives.

High infrastructure security
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Compliance certainty

SBOX facilitates live data testing behind your corporate firewall, and solves data privacy compliance issues without the need for extensive synthetic data creation or data processing addendums.

Compliance certainty
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Improved scalability

SBOX is built for scale. The system grows with your needs - from an entry solution, to a supercharged central CI/CD continuous testing infrastructure for sophisticated enterprises. Scale your testing immediately, without having to engage vendors to increase service levels (for devices, number of tests, concurrency...).

Improved scalability
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Better performance and test accuracy

SBOX testing improves latency as data can move faster within a network than over the internet, making it the ideal application testing solution for enterprises with large test volumes and frequency. Plus, the use of live data improves accuracy of test results.

Better performance and test accuracy
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Cost effective

Our fixed fee licensing model allows for unlimited concurrency so you don't have to worry about per-potential-usage charges that are typical with SaaS providers. What's more, SBOX's use of live data means you don't have the cost of creating dummy data, purchasing synthetic data generation services, or negotiating data processing addendums.

Cost efficiency

All-in-one cross-browser & mobile testing platform

SBOX functions as a central browser and mobile infrastructure within your enterprise for all web and mobile tests. It leverages all your existing test infrastructure and automates orchestration and maintenance.

SBOX All-in-one cross-browser & mobile testing platformSBOX All-in-one cross-browser & mobile testing platform

Comprehensive features for your peace of mind

SBOX offers the most sophisticated behind-the-firewall application testing in the market for large enterprises concerned about security, compliance, performance, and cost.

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Inside your network

SBOX is installed on your servers inside your network and behind your firewall. No data leaves your network. No tunnels or external access required.

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Web & Mobile

Chrome, Firefox, Firefox ESR, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, as well as iOS and Android are supported in their most recent and previous versions.

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Tool agnostic

Run tests from any source. You are not tied to a specific vendor framework or toolset. SBOX supports the standard Selenium, Appium, and Playwright protocols and API.

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Runs on any infrastructure

SBOX can run on the infrastructure of your choice - corporate physical servers, VMware cluster, AWS, Google Cloud or Azure.

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Reporting & Monitoring

Advanced reporting for system usage, monitoring tools and integrations are available. Screenshots, videos and live debugging capabilities simplify automated testing throughout the entire lifecycle of the application.

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Fixed license fee

A fixed license fee is more cost effective than per test pricing offered by SaaS providers. SBOX license fee is independent of tests run, giving more control and visibility over your testing budget and can save cost if test volume is very high.

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Enterprise access control

You may have a large variety of users who access SBOX. We give you fine grain control over access rights. We also seamlessly integrate with identity management systems like LDAP, Atlassian Crown, etc.

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SSO / Authentication

SBOX supports enterprise authentication mechanisms such as Kerberos, client certificate, PKI or SPNEGO. This enables the test of applications that require single sign-on in enterprise settings.

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Rights management

Assign roles and permissions to individuals and groups. Control who can access the SBOX system.

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Project management

Set up projects that reflect your organization. Add individual users or whole teams. Get real-time usage data as you need it.

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Enterprise Proxy support

Simplified configuration of company proxies for your automated tests. Centrally manage the proxy configurations so that you don't have to do it in your tests.

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Concurrency Control

Control test concurrency and set quality of service parameters on an individual, team and project level.

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CI / Continuous Testing

Built to be used in a CI / CD environment, SBOX is at the heart of your CI pipeline. Run as many tests in parallel as you want. Seamlessly integrate with any CI system.

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Manual testing

Start browsers and mobile devices for manual testing. Recreate bugs easily and have access to browsers that are not installed on your local machine.

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Live view & debugging

Set a breakpoint in your code and debug your test in real-time. SBOX provides superior debugging and live testing capabilities.

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Local testing

Test your application directly on your developer machine. No tunnels are required because SBOX is already running inside your network.

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Browser interaction

Manually interact with browsers while your tests are running. SBOX supports manual access to all browsers.

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Browser developer tools

Use the built-in developer tools of the browsers. Deep dive into your test while running the developer tools to pinpoint those complex issues.

play video


Take videos of your tests for better analysis and more transparency of your test runs.

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Professional Services

We understand that, as an enterprise, you have complex and unique environments. That's why we support you all along the way with professional services and custom feature implementations when you need them.

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24x7 Enterprise Support

We know how important it is to get instant resolution in case you encounter any issues with your automated testing infrastructure. We provide around the clock support for all global regions.

Get peace of mind.

SBOX is the safer, more secure automated testing solution in the market. That's why top global financial institutions, automotive manufacturers, and technology companies choose SBOX over traditional SaaS solutions.

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