Trusted Security and Compliance

SBOX was created to adhere to the highest security and compliance requirements for the banking and financial services industries. SBOX runs 100% inside your network and no data leaves your network nor is accessed by 3rd parties.

Banking Testing Solutions
Parallel TestingCross Browser Testing

High Performance & Parallel Testing.

Cut the time of your test runs by as much as 10x, and accelerate your software delivery cycles with parallel testing with no need for upgrades - unlike traditional cloud solutions, with SBOX parallel testing is included from day one.

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Integrate Everything. Maximize Return.

Integrate your entire test stack, from code level automation to test authoring tools and CI/CD systems. SBOX automates your test execution using the existing stack you already have in place, so you can maximize your investments and leverage your team’s knowledge.

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SBOX CoreCI/CD ToolsTest Authoring ToolsCode Level Automation

Selenium, Playwright, Appium. Your Choice.

Whatever your test automation framework of choice is, we’ll take care of all the test execution in our high-performance, scalable and secure test grid. And we’ll take care of all the maintenance for you, so you stay current as the frameworks evolve.

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Advanced Reports for Full Visibility.

Get in-depth reporting from your test runs. Leverage screenshots, video playback and debugging capabilities to see test results and speed up the entire testing lifecycle. Integrate all data with your existing reporting suites to share results with other teams and keep everyone updated.

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Ready to experience a more secure web & mobile testing?

SeleniumBox (SBOX) is the most secure test automation grid in the market. That’s why top global financial institutions, government organizations, automotive manufacturers, and top technology companies choose SBOX over traditional SaaS testing solutions.

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