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Using SBOX to execute your tests inside your network not only increases your testing security and compliance, but it also opens up a world of unique advantages you can’t find in traditional SaaS/cloud solutions.

Extra Security

SBOX runs 100% inside your network making it a more secure testing platform than any SaaS/cloud alternative.

Full Compliance

With SBOX no data leaves your network nor is accessed by 3rd parties, which reduces data privacy compliance risks.

High Performance

SBOX reduces test latency as data can move faster within a network than over the internet, making it ideal for companies with large test volumes and frequency.

Built for Scale

SBOX is built for scale and can grow from an entry level testing solution, to a supercharged central CI/CD continuous testing infrastructure for sophisticated enterprises.

Our Customers Say it Better

"Working with Element34 and the SeleniumBox(SBOX) platform helps us perform a host of critical tests in parallel and at scale. We are also fully complying with corporate security and policies. Our test team is in full control and can easily maneuver through test runs!"

- Sara Tabor, Director of Quality Assurance -

Ready to experience a more secure web & mobile testing?

SeleniumBox (SBOX) is the most secure test automation grid in the market. That’s why top global financial institutions, government organizations, automotive manufacturers, and top technology companies choose SBOX over traditional SaaS testing solutions.

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