Absolute confidence in your applications

Unlock Your Test Automation
Inside Your Cloud

SBOX offers the most advanced application testing execution cloud behind-the-firewall, for companies concerned about security, compliance, performance, and cost.

SBOX Enterprise Testing Cloud Behind Your Firewall

Trusted by leading companies


Your all-in-one cross-browser & mobile testing platform

SBOX functions as a central browser and mobile infrastructure within your enterprise for all web and mobile tests. It leverages all your existing test infrastructure and automates orchestration and maintenance.

SBOX enterprise testing cloud graphic - element34selenium grid breakdown

Get more out of your test investments

Security & Compliance

Runs on secure cloud.

No data leaves your network.

Test with real data.

Access control and SSO.

Scalability & Performance

Reduced latency.

Increased performance and stability.

Parallel testing from day one.

Zero Maintenance

Focus on your tests, not maintenance of your grid.

New browser versions added automatically.

Cost Efficiency

Scale tests, not costs.

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